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AI for Architecture & the Built Environment: Exploring the basics & beyond

Celebrating YAOUM EL ILM April 16th, 2024

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Microclimatic coupling to assess the impact of crossing urban form on outdoor thermal comfort in temperate oceanic climate
Proposal for an integrative and common conceptual framework for the study of tourism attractiveness
Surface Damage Identification for Heritage Site Protection: A Mobile Crowd-sensing Solution Based on Deep Learning

Safia Meklati, Kenza Boussora, Mohamed El Hafedh Abdi, Sid-Ahmed Berrani

The UNESCO site of the Casbah in the Master Plan of Algiers (PDAU): between heritage requirements and the need for coordination


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«EMARA for research, studies, training and animation»

Creation of a first subsidiary - EPAU's design office, whose aim is to offer, through its competences: research, study, training and animation in the fields of architecture and the city.

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